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BBQ and Baptisms

West 9030 Beaudry Street Duluth, MN 55808

Baptisms have been around for a long while in the Christian tradition. Yet, it might sound somewhat odd talking to a friend….”Ya, this Sunday I’m going to walk into a river with some other people….ya, not to swim, just to have someone hold me underwater, briefly, then they help me get back up….yes I’m OK, why do you ask?” 

Baptisms are sacred way more than getting your clothes wet. It is participating in a tradition that’s thousands of years old. By doing this we are linking up with people from a wide, vast group of people. When we step into this tradition, we are demonstrating through an outward action of an inward transformation. I like thinking of the infinite amount of people who have done the very same thing from different countries, people groups, and paths. It grounds me knowing that I’m a part of something so much larger than just our community. 

We will be having baptisms after service on Sunday, September 10. If you would like to get baptized, please email Kris or follow this link and complete the Baptism form.

Following baptisms, we will have a BBQ at our building that we affectionately call “West”.
Yes, we will have the Vikings game playing, no need to panic!