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You are
loved here.

At Neighborhood, we are an inclusive, Christ-centered church committed to allyship and anti-racism work as our practice of liberation theology.

You are
loved here.

Join us Sundays at 10am in Duluth or via FACEBOOK LIVE

At Neighborhood, we are an inclusive, Christ-centered church committed to allyship and anti-racism work as our practice of liberation theology.

Join us Sundays at 10am at the Hub or via FACEBOOK LIVE.


You Belong Here

Love is to be radically shared—everywhere, all the time. We believe that everything belongs and is in relation to one another. If this is true, then we are more connected to each other, this soil, than we realize. This belonging prompts us to move in a way of liberation, inclusion, and freedom for the marginalized and oppressed.

I Belong Here

We pursue good and beautiful lives and find belonging by being our fullest selves. We believe that belonging isn’t in how we answer a question but lies at the core of who we are. To say “I belong” means that  ALL people—including but not limited to conventional Christians and questioning skeptics, humanists and agnostics, women, men, and non-binary humans, those of all cultures, backgrounds,  sexual orientations, and gender identities, those of all classes and abilities—belong. 

We Belong To God

We belong to a good and beautiful God who is to be experienced and explored, not just a doctrine to be espoused. The Good News is that we are inherently united with God, and we can live good and beautiful lives marked by deep love, wonder, inclusion, and mystery.

Sustaining Members

We’re here today because a community of people believed in this sacred work and were willing to generously give to see it happen and continue to happen. We call them our sustaining members. People who are investing in this community because they believe in the work we are doing.

About Neighborhood

In 2015 we started a faith community where people could experience a good God and live flourishing lives. We believe deeply that the Divine is in every single thing in this universe. From your friends’ laughter to your neighbor who loves to wave, to seeing Lake Superior as you drive over the hill—God is in those spaces. If this is true, then every single person, place, and thing in this world belongs and is deeply connected. That’s what we’re about. 

Helping one another see this goodness in them, help draw out that love in others, and do our work to make this place somewhere everyone can thrive. We take the Bible incredibly seriously, but not always literally, to inspire us and give us wisdom in leading Christ-like lives. We celebrate wisdom over certainty, love over fear, and lives lived to the fullest. 

The Neighborhood Good Fund supports all the urgent requests that come to the church for emergent financial support. 100% of financial donations go directly into supporting your neighbors who need urgent financial help. 

Our goals are to preserve human dignity, practice unbiased generosity, and help people flourish. Let’s make the good and beautiful life easier for all to enjoy. And help others feel less guilt, shame, and dismissal in the process. 


Kris Sauter

Kris launched Neighborhood in 2015 alongside his partner Nikki. He’s currently the lead pastor and enrolled at United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities pursuing a M.A.L in Social Transformation. A huge fan of Chub Lake, Wilco, Duluth Coffee Co., and 90’s country music, he is also married to Nikki Sauter. They are raising their three fiercely strong children in Esko, MN. You can find Kris on all the socials here:

Join us at 10 am for Sunday services IN-PERSON or via FACEBOOK LIVE.

9030 Beaudry Street
Duluth, MN 55808

[email protected]
(218) 451-2177