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Duluth Service

Dubh Linn Brew Pub 109 W Superior St, Duluth, MN

Starting Wednesday, October 12 @ 7pm, you are welcome to join the  Neighborhood community as we begin a series of gatherings in the Duluth. 

Each gathering is inspired by our goal to evolve as a reconciling community. From artists, chefs, activists, politicians, teachers, and faith leaders we can learn from the stories and traditions the people in our community have to share. 

What we do matters. And neighborhoods are powerful places to connect, inspire and remind each other that all life is sacred and good. 

Each gathering will start with time to connect, meet new friends, and catch up. Then the presenter will share for 15-20 minutes followed by Q&A. We’ll wrap up with a series of talking points curated by the presenter where those who wish to stay can discuss over a drink. As an inter-religious gathering, we will focus on cooperative, constructive, and positive discussions that lead us to be loving and kindly curious human beings. 

Join our email list and follow our socials for information about presenters, updates, and other connections.

We will see you Wednesday, October 12 @ 7pm at Dubh Linn’s!